Spectral Spaces

Cajón (fixed media): Audio clip

In Spectral Spaces there are four texture-based sections. These sections focus on passages of concentration, crossover, overlap, and interstices which all belong to Smalley’s “qualifiers of spectral space” vocabulary, outlined in his theory of spectromorphology. Thematic materials and their occupancy in spectral space are the focuses of this work.

All materials were derived from sound files from Wind Chimes (1987), provided by Denis Smalley.

[traduction française: François Couture, i-12]

Spectral Spaces was realized in 2008 at the Electroacoustic Music Studios of The University of Manchester (UK) and premiered on February 21, 2010 during the MANTIS Festival at The University of Manchester (UK). The piece was commissioned by Denis Smalley, Mike Vernusky, and Damian O’Riain. Thanks to Denis Smalley for contributing sound materials from his work Wind Chimes (1987) for this work.

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